About OT&BE

Currently, Ocean Tug/Barge Engineering has either directly designed, or been a fully participating engineering partner, for 38 operational AT/B’s in the US market over the span of over a quarter century. We are also engaged in six newbuild projects in the US as of 2006, and one overseas. This means the firm will have had a hand in over 70% of the operational AT/B’s in service in America – including, nearly 80% of those built or converted since 1994. The experience encompasses connection systems of all kinds, including Intercon, of which the firm's principal is co-inventor; Bludworth, Hydraconn and Articouple.

The firm has also now entered the international marketplace, with units under design for service in the Far East, and Eastern Europe.  The firm has also expanded its product range with the introduction of new, high technology harbor and offshore tug designs.

Look around this site. What you see, are pictures of vessels that are out there and working. But to get there, we have to start with solid, fundamental engineering. Our designs and applications, have a history. Each AT/B we design, draws on all of the experiences we have had with her predecessors. Because we work with ALL the connection systems available, we’re going to have the necessary background to make that system work for your vessel.

Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering is the industry leader in AT/B design. We were in fact, one of the pioneers of the concept.

Our principal is the co-inventor of the INTERCONTM tug/barge connection system. We have been privileged to participate in more AT/B designs than any other designer or shipyard. Our design work is not simply “theory”. It is based on actual operating experience of the AT/B’s we’ve designed or converted. We don’t simply rely on customer feedback—we actually ride our units. So what you get is not only the theoretical and engineering expertise from us--which we have in abundance--you also get PRACTICAL experience.  Put simply, our boats work.

OT&BE combines its own experience with that of CT Marine, of Edgecomb, ME, a firm with which we have had long-time collaboration.

CT Marine is the world's most experienced firm in the field of large ocean barge design, model testing, and river and ocean barge hydrodynamics. CT Marine's experience dates back some 35 years and covers a huge range of testing and design efforts in both river and ocean barges and towboats. We have run a large number of AT/B model test programs - far more than anyone else. In fact, we have testing data on units from 10,000 to 77,000 DWT. When those are combined with CT Marine's experience, we have a large number of large-scale model tests to refer to when designing a tug and barge for ocean service. We've run testing for shipyards and owners alike.

We also have an affiliation with and share technical expertise back and forth with Taisei Engineering, of Tokyo, creators of the ARTICOUPLE and TRIOFIX connection systems and designers of AT/B’s. We represent ARTICOUPLE here in the United States.