Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering is the industry leader in AT/B design. We were in fact, one of the pioneers of the concept.

Our principal is the co-inventor of the INTERCONTM tug/barge connection system. We have been privileged to participate in more AT/B designs than any other designer or shipyard. Our design work is not simply “theory”. It is based on actual operating experience of the AT/B’s we’ve designed or converted. We don’t simply rely on customer feedback—we actually ride our units. So what you get is not only the theoretical and engineering expertise from us--which we have in abundance--you also get PRACTICAL experience.  Put simply, our boats work.

We’ve done it all. We’ve converted existing vessels to AT/B’s and we’ve designed new vessels as well. We’ve worked with all the major AT/B connection systems. We’ve model tested more AT/B’s than anyone else has. We’ve also run more—and seen more— structural analyses on AT/B’s. We have feedback from the boats we have out there, so we know in real-time how well our structures work. We designed the first 70,000 ton shuttle-tanker AT/B. We design tugs, we repower them. We do stability studies, we do concept design, we do ocean barge design, we do economic and operational studies. We have a yard rep with over 40 years experience in the tug industry. Our client list is a “Who’s Who” of the marine industry—and it is expanding every day.

But we’re not satisfied to stay put. We’re introducing new, patented designs for escort tugs, and a unique AT/B application for the offshore industry. We’re also applying our expertise now to a product we know will open eyes all over the shipping world. So, where do you want to put your trust for your AT/B project?

Please feel free to contact us about your next project. We’re willing to work with you to give you the benefit of our experience, and to listen to your needs—not impose ours. Our designs will be tailored to you ...on YOUR needs. They will be ergonomically designed for maximum service life, ease of maintenance, and maximum performance. We can do this because our people KNOW tugs and barges. We understand the special requirements of these vessels and of the companies that operate them. Tugs and barges are our true specialty, not a sideline. So everything we do is geared toward this part of the marine transportation world. We’re not here in this design specialty just because this is the “hot” trend now. We’ll be here doing this sort of work for a very long time.