Look around this site. What you see, are pictures of vessels that are out there and working. But to get there, we have to start with solid, fundamental engineering. Our designs and applications, have a history. Each AT/B we design, draws on all of the experiences we have had with her predecessors. Because we work with ALL the connection systems available, we’re going to have the necessary background to make that system work for your vessel.

And the best part is that if it is NOT the right system for you, we can tell you that. If retrofit is on your mind, we have a database on the stability and other characteristics of over 150 existing tugs, and a similar number of barges. We’ve developed refit scenarios for a whole range of tug designs, not just our own.

And, we have another advantage. Our affiliation with CT MARINE, of Edgecomb, ME, gives us access to the very best talent there is, in barge hull design and hydrodynamics. That means YOU always will have the right skills working for you. Our vessels have been tank tested all over the world, and we continue to use our own resources to develop better designs for you. We have an R&D/Concept Design Program that is second to none. We can create for you, an AT/B design for anything you need to carry. Petroleum products, chemicals, containers, forest products, bulk materials, breakbulk cargo, railcars, trucks and autos, and even an AT/B cruise ship.

Whatever your transportation need is, there is a good chance we can provide you with an economical AT/B design which will fit the bill. We have available for the asking, brochures on virtually all of our past and current projects. Each brochure tells a bit about the project, and if it is a working vessel, some history on how it has worked out. We can also arrange to visit with you, either at our offices, or if more convenient, your offices. We can give multimedia presentations to groups, that include video footage at sea, along with presentations covering design and construction. We can even arrange for you to visit one of the many boats we have out there working, and we can put you in direct touch with the connection system manufacturers.

All of our vessel designs conform to USCG NAVIC 2-81, as “Dual Mode” tug/barge units. This means that the units are treated separately for regulatory purposes, and the tugs can be designed under 200 or 300 GRT, domestic. Many of our vessels also meet SOLAS requirements, and are classed by ABS. As full ocean tugs. And if you still like to tow, and we cannot convince you to push - we can still design your tug and barge, in a traditional arrangement. We’ve done the largest Z-drive tug in America, and our principal was in on the design of one of the very first American Z-drive tugs, over 30 years ago. We’ve taken ships and made them into pushed barges. Chances are, whatever your idea is, we have some experience with it. If you have a new idea, we’ll be happy to work with you in developing it. Give us a try.