Currently, Ocean Tug/Barge Engineering has either directly designed, or been a fully participating engineering partner, for 38 operational AT/B’s in the US market over the span of over a quarter century. We are also engaged in six newbuild projects in the US as of 2006, and one overseas. This means the firm will have had a hand in over 70% of the operational AT/B’s in service in America – including, nearly 80% of those built or converted since 1994. The experience encompasses connection systems of all kinds, including Intercon, of which the firm's principal is co-inventor; Bludworth, Hydraconn and Articouple.

The firm has also now entered the international marketplace, with units under design for service in the Far East, and Eastern Europe.  The firm has also expanded its product range with the introduction of new, high technology harbor and offshore tug designs.