Provided engineering and design for the previous refit of the ocean tug PAUL T. MORAN (Ex. OCEAN VENTURE) with a Bludworth connection system, and the refit of the stern of the ocean tank barge MASSACHUSETTS, for use with the Bludworth system, with full FEA study.

Paul T. Moran

Photo courtesy Tug44.org

The PAUL T. MORAN is a former towing tug (OCEAN VENTURE) that OT&BE engineered into a Bludworth-type AT/B tug by Bollinger's Algiers repair yard for American Steamship back in 1999.  The unit operated for a few years with a bulk barge of 30,000 DWT, until the tug was sold to Moran in 2004.  Originally an Equitable Equipment design, OT&BE, along with J. Cook Marine, engineered the modfications to the tug for AT/B service, and covered all aspects of design and refit in the process.

OT&BE also also designed the modified notch and skeg arrangement and associated structure for the Moran barge MASSACHUSETTS, a large ocean tank barge that was modified by Gulf Marine Repair with a new double hulll, to accept the Bludworth-equipped tug.  The AT/B was recently delivered back to Moran after the PAUL T. was extensively repaired and upgraded by Gulf Marine Repair.