The COSTWISE class boats are a group of three 12,000 BHP AT/B tugs being built at Bender Shipbuilding for an East Coast marine shipping company.  They will work with a specially-designed 342,000 BBL crude oil lightening barge, also designed by OT&BE.  The tug represents a wholesale change in the design philosophy for AT/B tugs.  Each incorporates features not found on conventional tugs, and for their their size, they are among the most spacious and ergonomically-designed tugs afloat.

COSTWISE class AT/B tug

Designed to burn IFO380 fuel, and fitted with high efficiency Kort nozzles and tripple shudder rudders, the tug is not only highly maneuverable: it has independently steerable rudders and independent steering systems for safety, and the total tug/barge unit meets IMO 75 I requirements for maneuvering.

This tug is also being built for two other operators: three to work in the Caspian Sea with crude shuttles, and one to work with a new 45,000 tonbulk carrier AT/B.  She also features ship-sized crew staterooms, sound-attenuated machinery mounts and spaces, crew stateroomns all above the 01 deck, above main deck machinery spaces, 360 degree visibility pilothouse, full SOLAS certification, and either Intercon or Articouple connection systems.  The steel has been cut for the first Bender unit, with delivery slated for late 2007.

Principal Characteristics
Owner Customer Confidential
Builder Bender Shipbuilding
Year Built 2007-2009
Main Engines 2 x Wartsila 9L32
Rated 6,050 taken at 750 RPM
Total BHP 12,000
Propellers 2 x LIPS controllable pitch
Generators 3x Cummins 250kW @ 1800RPM
and 1 Cummins Emergency Gen. @ 250 kW
Automation ACCU
Accommodation 4 Single Strms
6 Double Strms
LWL 153' 3"
Beam 51' 0'
Depth 26' 0"
Operating Draft 24' 0" Keel
ABS Class MC A1 Unlimited Towing Svc.
GRT 990
Fuel (HFO) 214,243 USG
Fuel (MDO) 60,548 USG
Fresh/Pot Water 33,011 USG
Oil Capacity 8,316 USG
Ballast Capacity 91,139 USG
SOLAS Solas Certified
Towing Outfit Capstan, Aft Tow