Still under testing and development, this new idea in escort tugs and assist tugs has had a patent applied for, and features a unique propulsion arrangement that eliminates virtually all the installation problems associated with stern Z-drive arrangements.

In addition, the tug’s high freeboard and unique tank arrangement give her incredible stability characteristics. Designed for use in rough waters, the tug comes with two different wheelhouse arrangements, both with and without upward-looking widows. (Without shown above). The tug also has a newly developed structural arrangement, extremely quiet quarters, and excellent 360 degree visibility. This is the first of a series of escort tugs designed by OT&BE with this newly developed concept, and it will be available in sizes down to 95 feet, and up to 150 feet—with installed horsepower from 3,000 to 12,000. They are multi-mission craft, able to not only do ship handling and escort work, but also to handle barges, firefighting, and other duties.

This vessel is also available as an AT/B tug design, and is being offered in the product line of Blount-Barker Shipbuilding, in Warren, RI.  Blount-Barker has a long history in workboat construction, and this design will add to Blount’s catalog of workboat designs.