This system is a mixing of a multiple-tooth engagement such as ARTICOUPLE and INTERCON, with the central hydraulic ram idea of the ARTUBAR. The teeth on the barge notch are individual weldments of 3 teeth each, installed in number as required on each notch wall. The main ram assembly is held in the tug with a chocking material such as Chockfast. Rotation of the tug in relative pitch, is via a bearing/axle on which the connection head rides, at the end of the ram. This system needs to be exactly aligned in the tug and barge. The system has worked quite well in the Great Lakes, though it has not been used or sold on the open sea or on the coast. The systems in use on the Lakes report good reliability, even in heavy seas on Lake Superior. The system is not manufactured by a large company. Each is custom-built. OT&BE has designed one AT/B tug with this system, the 7,200 HP DOROTHY ANN.