The ELIZA and her sister vessels were built by Moss Point Marine, while the barges ATLANTIC and CARIBBEAN were built by Alabama Shipyard.

The barges YUCATAN & ACADIA were built by Halter Marine Group. For this group of vessels, Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering provided design and engineering for both the coupler installation on the tugs, and the stern structural design and notch design for the barges. On the tugs, OT&BE designed the “load box” structure surrounding the couplers, and also modified the Halter design structurally to accept the load box. OT&BE provided Halter with anticipated loading from the connection at sea, and arranged for and participated in an FEA analysis for the tug structure as well. On the barge, OT&BE designed the structure of the stern area around the connection, the skegs supporting the connection, and the notch shape to suit the connection.

To date, these vessels have all operated successfully, with no structural failures of any kind related to the coupler installation. OT&BE is currently designing Penn Maritime's next generation of AT/B tugs and barges, as well.