The NICOLE LEIGH REINAUER is paired with the double-hulled ocean tank barge RTC 135, built by Alabama Shipyard, Inc. of Mobile, AL. The combination operates along the US East Coast, moving clean petroleum products. During the winter of 2000/2001, the NICOLE and her near sister, the S/R EVERETT, almost singlehandedly kept Rhode Island stocked with heating oil and gasoline.

The large number of winter storms and their severity caused virtually all barges and most ships to be weatherbound even more than normal. Despite the winter storms, which often had winds exceeding 50 knots and seas in the 20 foot range offshore, the NICOLE and RTC 135 were not weatherbound even once. Nor was the S/R EVERETT with her barge, the S/R NEW YORK.

The NICOLE handles her barge with ease. She has oversized rudders and large diameter wheels, and her captains remark that she handles her barge "like a sports car". As a combination, the NICOLE/RTC 135 makes sea speed in excess of 11 knots loaded. Her CAT 3612 main engines and Lufkin gears have performed flawlessly since her delivery in 1999. She introduced ship-like reliability in ETA’s to New England clean-product terminals. She continues to operate in this trade, and Reinauer took delivery of two sister tugs in 2001 and 2002.

Principal Characteristics

Reinauer Maritime, Inc.
Staten Island, NY

Builder Atlantic Maritme
Years Built 1999
Main Engines 2 x CAT 3612
Rated 3600 taken at 900 RPM
Total BHP 7,200
Propellers 2 x Rolls Royce New Generation 5-blade
Generators 3x CAT 3306 99kW @ 1800 RPM
Automation CAT MMS System
Accommodation 2 Single Strms
4 Double Strms
LWL 123' 4"
Beam 40' 0'
Depth 22' 0"
Operating Draft 20' 8" MLD
ABS Class MC A1 Towing Svc.
GRT 198.69
Fuel 154,173 USG
Fresh Water 17,447 USG
Oil Capacity 3,862 USG
Ballast Capacity 48,040 USG
Towing Outfit Capstan, Aft Tow Bitt