The AMBERJACK and BISCAYNE is a former Morania Oil Tanker Corp. towed unit.  In 1998, OT&BE was contracted by Penn Maritime to convert the unit to a Bludworth type AT/B.

Because of the relatively shallow notch of the barge, OT&BE created a first-of-its-kind skeg arrangement to effectively lengthen the notch and make use of a Bludworth system possible. Skeg extensions were engineered and fabricated for the barge, to effectively lengthen her notch some 25 feet while adding nothing to the barge hull length. In this way, the barge’s longitudinal strength would not be affected. BMI was contracted to do the conversion on both the tug and barge. On the tug, modifications were designed to the hull and house structure to accept the Bludworth pads and bow unit, and new stability characteristics were developed for the tug.

The unit has been in continuous operation since her delivery in late summer of 1998.  She has not experienced any appreciable weather delays in her area of operation since the conversion, and the unique structure she was given continues to perform flawlessly. The unit has operated from Nova Scotia to Mexico without incident. A similar conversion, based on the AMBERJACK/BISCAYNE success, was applied to the Cargill/ISMS unit ALAFIA/KELLY. It too has operated reliably and successfully.