The 7,200 BHP OCEAN VENTURE, and her companion barge, the AMERICAN ENTERPRISE, were converted to an AT/B for American Steamship in 1999. The conversion involved the installation of Bludworth connection equipment aboard the OCEAN VENTURE, and the redesign of the stern notch and skegs on the AMERICAN ENTERPRISE.

Specially designed skegs and skeg extensions were developed by OT&BE and applied to the barge.  J.Cook Marine in turn engineered a Bludworth pad and bow unit design for the tug, and OT&BE coordinated the effort.  Unique to the project, was the special jig, seen in the notch photo above, used by the barge yard to maintain tolerance on notch width in way of the Bludworth pads. This jig assured maintenance of beam in the notch as it was reconstructed and welded.

The OCEAN VENTURE today continues operation as the PAUL T. MORAN, again refitted to push petroleum barges along the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico while on lease to Westport Petroleum, Inc.