Provided engineering and design for the refit of the ocean tug VALIANT with a Bludworth connection system, and the refit of the stern of the double-hulled ocean tank barge EVERGLADES, for use with the Bludworth system.


The VALIANT/EVERGLADES was the former Bulkfleet Tug/Barge unit known as the VALIANT/PENNSYLVANIA.  Originally built as a single-hull barge, the unit was extensively rebuilt in 2000 with a new double hull, and at this time, the tug and barge were refit with a Bludworth type connection system.  OT&BE designed the overall installation, working with J. Cook Marine on the detailed design of the connector itself.  Work included the redesign of the stern skegs on the parge to accommodate the Bludworth pads, and the modification of the tug structure to accommodate the Bludworth sidepad units.  In the conversion, the moveable skegs were replaced with fixed skegs, and a large bar was set into the head of the notch for the Bludworth bow unit to clamp onto.


Since going into service in 2000, the unit has shown increase availability, better seakeeping and higher speed.  A sister unit, the VICTORY/TEXAS, is slated to receive the same Budworth conversion in the near future.  The VALIANT/EVERGLADES can be found operating in the Gulf of Mexico and throughout the U.S. East Coast for Penn Maritime, Inc.