The DOROTHY ANN is a 125’, 7,200 BHP AT/B tug built for Interlake Transportation of Cleveland. She works with a former laker, converted to a self-unloading bulk barge, the PATHFINDER (ex-Mauthe).

The tug is unique in many ways. It has Z-drive propulsion, provided by a pair of Ulstein units in her stern. This allows her to transit tight Lakes waterways in safety, and she can turn her 600 foot barge with ease. She is in fact the largest Z-drive tug in North America. She has an AT/B tug to barge connection, manufactured by HYDRACONN, of Escanaba, MI. Of note, is her 75 foot height of eye, designed to see over the loop-belt tower on the PATHFINDER. She has a large, spacious ship-like bridge, with 360 degree visibility. Accommodation on the tug is of very high quality, as is Lakes custom.

Her two EMD 20 cylinder 645 engines, turn out 3600 BHP each. The tug’s length allows her to fit with her barge into the locks of the St. Lawrence Seaway system. The tug’s unique superstructure design, accommodates the large number of single-man crew rooms, a large galley and mess area, and extensive HVAC machinery. All of the air to her engine room passes through filter units on the 01 deck. Despite her height, the tug has a positive stability range of nearly 85 degrees. She currently operates all over the Lakes.